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FMM - The Easiest Ranunculus Ever Cutter Set






Make beautiful ranunculus quick and easily with the FMM cutter The Easiest Ranunculus Ever! Beautiful flowers made with this two piece cutter set are perfect for decorating cakes and cupcakes.

With this handy cutter set you can make various sizes of ranunculus. The technique for each of the sizes is exactly the same. This makes this cutter not only great for beginners, but is also a real time saving tool for professional decorators.

How to use: 
Cut out the shape of fondant and use the back of a rolling pin to smooth the edges. Cover half of shape with edible glue and paste to each other. Carefully roll up the fondant in your hand and fold out the petals. To make smaller ranunculus, cut the shape into smaller piece and use the same method.

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