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Orange Sugarflair Colour - Edible Chocolate Colouring


Orange Sugarflair Colour - Edible Chocolate Colouring 

This Sugarflair Chocolate Colouring is perfect for changing the colour of chocolate to match the theme of your occasion.

This is an oil based food colour specifically for chocolate.

Contains: Organic cocoa butter

Dietary Information: Vegetarian, Vega, GM Free, Nut Free.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight.

Dosage: Check pot for dosage instructions per kg.

35g pot. Boxed 1


  • Remove lid
  • Place in microwave on full power (800W) for 10 second intervals until product starts to melt, stir well and repeat if necessary, until lquid
  • Caution, product may become hot during the heating process. Do not heat higher than 40oC
  • Wipe clean any residue on rim of pot
  • Add to chocolate to achieve desired colour; or use for painting direct into a chocolate mould




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